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Rector’s Message

Fr.Amala Jeya Rayan
Rector and Secretary

“Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself” -John Dewey.

Often people express that education will make a better tomorrow. Such misconception of education is because people believe that education is a preparation for life. The happy news is that education makes a better today. The education begins to bear fruit on the moment of education. The four pillars of learning of the Delors Report states that throughout life is based on four pillars. They are:

  • Learning to know,
  • Learning to do,
  • Learning to live together and
  • Learning to be

Education is not just the matter of head or knowledge alone but it is of the whole person. It is the formation of one’s character and building one’s personality. It is about life and living together with people. When education is narrowly understood as literacy or graduation or as eligibility for employment the value of education is lost.

Don osco College following the pedagogy of Don Bosco focuses not on the head but rather on heart. Education is matter of the heart. Don Bosco based himself on three foundation such as Reason, Spirituality and loving rapport with the educand. The involvement of the students in curricular and non-curricular activities are examples such efforts. Don Bosco mission of making responsible citizens and spiritual persons will continue to be our task.

With best wishes and prayers

Fr.Amala Jeya Rayan
Rector and Secretary