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Rector’s Desk

“Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself” said John Dewey.

Often people express that education will make a better tomorrow. Such misconception of education is because people believe that education is a preparation for life. The happy news is that education makes a better today. The education begins to bear fruit on the moment of education. The four pillars of learning of the Delors Report states that throughout life is based on four pillars.  Read More….

தேசிய கருத்தரங்கம்- வள்ளுவச் சூரியனைச் சுற்றி வரும் மூடக்கோள்கள்

“வள்ளுவச் சூரியனைச் சுற்றி வரும் மூடக்கோள்கள்” என்ற பொருண்மையிலான இக்கருத்தரங்கம் கல்லூரியின் முதல்வர் முனைவர் த. பயஸ் மிசியர் அவர்களது அறிமுக உரையுடன் தொடங்கியது. தஞ்சாவூர், தமிழவேள் […]

Lockdown Innovative

The department of English conducted a webinar on cultural studies apropos Antonio Gramsci on 25th June 2020.Dr.J.Ragu Antony, Head and […]

Webinar on Machine Learning Techniques

The Department of Computer Applications organized a webinar on Machine Learning Techniques. Dr. H.Hannah Inbarani, Assistant Professor, Periyar University, Salem […]

Covid-19 NSS Activity

The NSS Unit No.: 206 of Don Bosco College of Arts & Science, Keela Eral, Proudly joining hands with Ettayapuram […]

Covid-19 NSS Activity

Our NSS Programme officer Mr. M. Prabhu Given an Interview for News 18 channel regarding Covid-19 with the caption Stay […]