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Rules and Regulations


The Controller of Examinations of the MANONMANIAM SUNDARANAR UNIVERSITY conducts the University Examinations. The Rules and Regulations of the University in this regard are strictly followed by the College. Setting of question papers and valuing of answer scripts are undertaken by the university, which also declares the results subsequently. The students will pay the Examination Fee to the University as per University Norms.

  • Internal Marks: 25
  • External Marks: 75
  • Allotment of Internal Marks

    • Internal I - 1.00 Hour
    • Internal II - 1.00 Hour - 20 Marks
    • Internal III - 1.00 Hour
    • Discipline and Class Participation - 5 Marks
    • External Marks: 75 (3.00 Hours)
    • Question Pattern: (Total Marks: 75) Part – A: (10X1=10 Marks) Answer All Questions Part – B: (5X5=25 Marks) Answer All Questions Choosing either (a) or (b) Part – C: (5X8=40 Marks) Answer All Questions, Choosing either (a) or (b)

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