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Alumni Association

To bring all the old students under one roof, Alumni Association of Dr.NGPASC have been formed. Over ten thousand students have successfully passed out so far from the College since its inception.


  • Creating an endowment to give a gold coin for meritorious students at the college day celebrations every year.
  • Outstanding personalities and alumni are honored for their achievements.
  • Special Assistant Professors on their specific areas of interest are delivered by renowned Alumni members on behalf of the Alumni Association in the college premises.
  • All outgoing students are the members of the Alumni. Alumni day will be celebrated on 26 th of January every year.
  • Students are advised to contact the Alumni In-charge for get-to-gathers and are advised to attend all the meetings without fail.
  • OurAlumni members can get assistance from the placement cell.
  • Executive and general body meeting are regularly being conducted by gathering the members of the alumni Association.

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